The Joy of a Garden

Having lived with what could loosely be called a garden for around ten years, we finally bit the bullet and contracted a fabulous landscape gardening company based in Glasgow Scotland to get our oversized weed patch into shape. Exteria Landscapes , run by Jonathan Crossan, were a revelation.  Over a period of around three months, they worked tirelessly to create a fantastic garden out of  essentially waste land.

We now have a beautiful lawn, a decking area with trampoline for the kids, a beautiful patio , a fabulous greenhouse, a well tended vegetable plot, beautiful all year round bedding plants and a rockery area that steals the show.

Exteria Landscapes were professional, courteous , turned up on time and did all the work, as agreed, in slightly less than the agreed timescale. A whacking great recommendation from us !


Private Investigators – The Changes

Thanks go out to the team at Veritas Investigations in Glasgow for their expert help with this piece.

Essentially, private investigators are hunter/gatherers, insofar as they hunt down information and report on that information to their clients, who retain them. The more difficult it is to obtain the information a client needs, the more expensive the private investigator is likely to be.

Given the fallout from the Leveson inquiry, the whole world of private and covert investigations has come full into the public gaze. With some extremely embarrassing examples of shady, if not downright illegal practices being performed by unregulated cowboy operators, particularly with respect to mobile phone hacking, the Government has been forced to bring forward plans to enact new rules requiring all private investigators in England and Wales to be registered and regulated. For many of those who have fallen victim to these seedy practices, the changes cannot come into force soon enough.

Also, given the current scale of Government cutbacks, it appears likely that more and more of the burden of today’s police force will fall under the umbrella of the private investigators out there, and as the public have a right to expect a reasonable level of compliance with the rule of law, the next couple of years look pretty fraught for the wide boys operating at the moment.